Likarecharge Send credit or top-up any mobile phone online

A bank card, Apple Pay or a Paypal account is enough to top up the credit of a loved one.

Your loved ones receive the credit sent to their mobile in a few moments.

Quickly, securely and at the best rate.

Excited to send airtime to your loved ones?

Likarecharge is ready but needs some updates to serve you very well.

Recharge your phone online with, how can I recharge?
- Choose the country of the number to which you want to top up the mobile number.
- Choose the operator for which you want to top up the mobile.
- Choose the amount of mobile recharge.
- Put the number for the receiver and your own information for receiving the notifications when the mobile has been recharged.
- Choose your payment method and pay securely. We support PayPal and all types of credit cards.

Likarecharge will send the amount of the recharge to the provided number.

In the event of a problem, we will contact you by e-mail.

Likarecharge allows you to quickly top up the mobile number of your choice with credits.
By choosing the appropriate operator and mobile number, likarecharge transfers the recharge amount in few minutes and safely wise.